1. Prior to this he:

    – dealt with critics by sending them PMs with full nude pictures of himself. One victim claimed to be underage.

    – Along with other powermods, tried to blackmail the admins to ban /r/drama.

  2. I blocked him so I don’t have to see anything he posts. If anyone can recommend other people similar to block to improve the browsing experience please do let me know.

  3. Gallowboob is the reason reddit has gone to shit. All I see is him reposting and making fun of those who call him out then all of a sudden the conversations are gone.

    Reddit ban gallowboob!

  4. [“**It’s been fascinating watching one of the biggest, ‘famous,’ media influencers today be overtaken by the shitposting meme masses**,” Allam told Forbes. “This is what the internet is all about. When and if the day comes where a random comedic meme cannot overtake one of the **biggest social media sponsor money-pump in existence**, we’ll be able to say that the internet as we knew it is dead. Until that day comes we can rejoice in watching the **organic noise echo louder than the money machines of our internet today**”](https://www.forbes.com/sites/fernandoalfonso/2019/01/14/interview-with-the-person-behind-instagrams-most-liked-photo-an-egg/#220fbcb05961)

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